Apple Rumored To Be Creating An AI To Rival ChatGPT

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Apple Rumored To Be Creating An AI To Rival ChatGPT. The year 2023 is shaping up to be a year of rapid growth for technology related to artificial intelligence (AI). Digital behemoths, such as Microsoft and Google, have made significant investments in the market and already have AI-based products that are either in use or in advanced stages of implementation. It’s interesting to note that Apple, a corporation known for its ground-breaking hardware and software innovations, has been unusually quiet in this area.

Although Apple has not yet made any announcements regarding its AI plans, a story by The New York Times suggests that the company is now taking the field of generative AI and ChatGPT seriously. Apple may still be a few years away from developing a ChatGPT-like tool, but the company may have already started the process of building its own AI chatbot.

The NYT report states that Apple recently conducted an internal event focusing on generative AI content and large language models (LLM), which are the neural networks that underpin chatbots like ChatGPT. Employees working on Siri, Apple’s voice-activated assistant that hasn’t changed in more than a decade, were invited to the event. However, the report says nothing about how it turned out or whether the business has started working on its own ChatGPT competitor.

Yet given that Google and Microsoft are establishing themselves in the AI market, Apple is likely to enter the fray as well.

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Will voice assistants be replaced by generative AI?

The popularity of voice assistant programmes like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant fell short of what Apple and Google may have envisioned. Despite being around for more than a decade, these tools have not much improved in capabilities over previous generations, aside from accuracy problems. ChatGPT, in comparison, has demonstrated incredible capabilities from the beginning. It only took Open AI a few months after the release of a new language model, GPT-4, to update its AI tool.

While few companies—aside from Google, Microsoft (remember Cortana?) and Apple—have focused on voice assistants, new, smaller upstarts like Anthropic, which recently developed its own chatbot named Claude, may make an attempt. It will be intriguing to watch what Bard accomplishes once it is ready for prime time later this year, according to Google.

Ironically, Apple is trailing its competitors in the field of generative AI, despite having introduced a number of AI-powered features in the past. While it is unknown how long it will take Apple to develop a ChatGPT alternative of its own, Apple must move quickly.



Is Apple utilising AI in any way?

Apple has traditionally kept its AI initiatives under wraps. But, the business launched a programme in January that allows authors to use AI-powered narration to convert their works into audiobooks. This suggested that the maker of the iPhone is already considering the applications of generative AI.

Is Apple working on AI?

Apple silicon’s Neural Engine already gives it a substantial advantage in terms of local processing, but the company hasn’t yet created the AI software to effectively utilise it for content creation and the deeper insights that new-wave AI tools may provide.

What is the name of Apple AI?

In 2011, Apple released Siri, its own personal assistant programme. As one of the earliest AI-based virtual assistants, Siri was one of the first voice recognition systems to engage in back-and-forth communication with the user.



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