How much is YouTube premium

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YouTube Premium represents a subscription-based service provided offering an array of advantages to its subscribers. These benefits commonly encompass features such as uninterrupted viewing devoid of advertisements. The ability to download content for offline consumption, and unrestricted entry to YouTube Originals content. However it’s essential to bear in mind that alterations in both pricing and features could have taken place since my last update. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the official YouTube website to access the most current and precise information.

As of September 2021, YouTube Premium features comprise:

  1. Ad-Free Viewing: Subscribers can savor their video-watching experience on YouTube without any disruptive ad content.
  2. Offline Downloads: Premium subscribers are granted the privilege of downloading videos, granting them the capability to enjoy their selected content offline, irrespective of internet connectivity. This facet is particularly advantageous for travelers or regions with limited network access.
  3. Background Play: This feature affords subscribers the ability to continue playing videos in the background. While engaging with other applications or when the device’s screen is inactive.
  4. Access to YouTube Originals: YouTube Premium extends accessibility to YouTube Originals, which encompass exclusive content generated by YouTube itself. This may encompass an assortment of media, including films, series, and documentaries.

The cost of YouTube Premium hinges on diverse factors, including geographic location, currency variations, ongoing promotions, and the particular plan type offered. The pricing framework typically encompasses multiple options, such as individual, family, and student plans. To ascertain the precise financial details, one can directly consult the official YouTube Premium website. Or access the relevant information within the application.

youTube Premium Individual Plan:

The individual plan is meticulously tailored for solo users. It encompasses all the previously highlighted features, entailing ad-free viewing, offline content availability, background play, and unrestricted entry to YouTube Originals. This option is particularly fitting for individuals seeking to elevate their YouTube involvement by undergoing content consumption devoid of interruptions.

YouTube Premium Family Plan:

The family plan essentially extends the advantages of YouTube Premium to multiple members within a family unit. Generally allowing the inclusion of up to six family members, each possessing their independent Google account, this arrangement caters to households harboring numerous individuals aspiring to partake in an ad-free and offline-enabled YouTube experience.

YouTube Premium Student Plan:

The student plan is thoughtfully structured for eligible students. Mirroring the features inherent in the individual plan but at a discounted rate. Students often benefit from preferential rates for a plethora of online services, and YouTube Premium aligns with this trend. Eligibility criteria for this scheme often mandate the provision of evidence substantiating one’s student status.


YouTube Premium stands as a subscription service that amplifies the YouTube encounter by conferring ad-free viewing, offline content accessibility, background play, and an avenue to partake in exclusive content. While the specific nuances of pricing can fluctuate contingent upon factors like geographical locale and plan category, YouTube Premium is inherently designed to accommodate the requirements of distinct user segments, encompassing individuals, families, and students, each accompanied by their distinct pricing structure.

It’s vital to retain awareness that this information is predicated on the state as of September 2021. Since developments and revisions could have emerged subsequently, for the most accurate and contemporaneous insights regarding YouTube Premium’s pricing and features, it is recommended to consult the official YouTube website or explore within the YouTube app.



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