How to add link in YouTube description

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How to add link in YouTube description. Adding links to your YouTube video description is a great way to provide additional resources or promote relevant content to your viewers. To add links in a YouTube description, follow these steps:

1. Open your YouTube video editor:

Sign in to YouTube, click on your profile image, and then pick “YouTube Studio” from the drop-down menu. Go to the “Content” tab and choose the video to which you wish to add links.

2. Access the video details:

To reach the video information page, click on the thumbnail or title of the video.

3. Edit the video description:

Scroll down to the “Description” area and update it by clicking the pencil symbol.

4. Format the description:

In the text area, type or paste your description. YouTube limits your description to 5,000 characters, which should be enough for 2,000 words.

5. Add links:

Use the following structure to add a link: Text to display. Replace “Text to display” with the anchor text you want readers to see and “URL” with the actual web address to which you wish to connect. For instance: Learn more about the topic.

6. Customize link appearance (optional):

You may use HTML formatting tags to change the look of the link. For example, you may utilise Text to display to make the link bold. You may do the same for italics, underline, and so on.

7. Add multiple links:

Repeat this method to add several links to your description. Each link should be on its own line.

8. Save changes:

When you’ve finished adding all of the links you want, click the “Save” button to edit the video description.

Remember to follow the Community Guidelines on YouTube and avoid spamming or deceiving users with your links. Furthermore, it is best practise to mention any sponsored or affiliate links in accordance with YouTube’s advertising policy.

You may easily add links to your YouTube video description and improve the material you deliver to your visitors by following these instructions.



Q: Can you include links in the description?

A: Click the pencil icon next to the video to which you want to add a link in the description. Add https:// followed by the URL of the link you want to include in the description. Save the file.

Q: How do I include a clickable link in my YouTube description?

A: You must update the video’s description box to add a clickable link. Copy and paste the URL to be added, then save. This URL will be converted into a clickable link by YouTube.

Q: Can I include affiliate links in the description of my videos on YouTube?

A: Affiliate links can be used in the video description and on end cards on YouTube. You may utilise affiliate links on your social networking platforms, blogs, and websites in addition to YouTube.



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