How to difference between silver gold and diamond butttons

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How to difference between silver gold and diamond butttons. The metal, gold, and diamond When content creators achieve certain milestones on YouTube, they are awarde play buttons as rewards. The icons are meant to stand in for a creator’s overall subscriber count and the level of engagement they have achieved on their channel. Despite looking alike, there are a few noticeable differences that allow the keys to be separate from one another. In this article, we’ll look at each of these buttons in more depth and discuss what makes them unique. How to tell the difference between diamond, gold, and silver buttons

Silver Play Button

The first milestone a YouTube account can reach is the silver play button. Channels that achieve 100,000 subscribers are given it. This accomplishment shows that the channel has a loyal following and has produced material that appeals to its viewers. It’s a remarkable achievement, and many artists put in endless effort to get there.

A channel becomes eligible for a physical silver play button from YouTube when it hits 100,000 subscribers. The YouTube emblem is located in the centre of the button, which is made of silver-colored metal. It serves as a reminder of the channel’s hard work in reaching the milestone as well as a symbol of the channel’s success.

Gold Play Button

Channels that achieve 1 million subscribers receive the gold play button. This is a big accomplishment in the world of YouTube and an important milestone. A channel has now successfully positioned itself as a significant force within the YouTube community.

A channel becomes eligible for a physical gold play button from YouTube when it hits 1 million subscribers. The button is made of gold-colored metal and has the name of the channel and the milestone it has reached in the centre along with the YouTube emblem.

Diamond Play Button

The most prestigious accomplishment a YouTube channel can reach is the diamond play button. Channels with 10 million users are given it. At this point, a channel has amassed a sizable following and significant impact within the YouTube community.

A channel becomes eligible for a physical diamond play button from YouTube when it hits 10 million subscribers. The button is made of transparent acrylic and bears the name of the channel, the YouTube emblem, and a sizable diamond embedded in the middle. It is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of YouTube history that honours the channel’s major accomplishments.

Key Differences

The Silver, Gold, and Diamond Play Buttons are very similar to one another, but they vary significantly in a few important ways. The amount of subscribers necessary to receive each button is the difference that stands out the most. At 100,000 subscribers, 1 million subscribers, and 10 million customers, respectively, the Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button, and Diamond Play Button are given out.

The way the closures are made is another significant distinction. The Gold Play Button has a more ornate design with a gold-colored frame than the Silver Play Button, which has a straightforward silver-colored frame. The Diamond Play Button has a distinctive, diamond-shaped construction made of metal and transparent acrylic.

The closures are made of various materials as well. The Gold Play Button is made of gold-colored metal, while the Silver Play Button is made of metal. The transparent acrylic and metal construction of the Diamond Play Button gives it a unique look.


The Silver, Gold, and Diamond are therefore Awarding content creators with YouTube Play Buttons for important platform milestones is a common practise. These buttons represent a creator’s subscriber count and the degree of involvement they have attained with their audience. Despite the fact that the buttons are very identical.



Is the silver YouTube button actually silver?

The Silver Play Button, composed of 92% nickel, 5% carbon, 2.5% zinc, and traces of other metals, attracted 100,000 subscribers. The gold-plated brass “Golden Play Button,” which had 1 million users, was profitable.

What do diamond and gold play buttons do?

Gold: Once you have one million followers. Diamond: When you have ten million followers.

What does the platinum play button cost?

₹896.00. Order total (including tax), shipping cost, and arrival date are all displayed at the checkout. SSN Books sold and delivered the order.



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