How to fix copyright claim on YouTube MOBILE

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How to fix copyright claim on YouTube MOBILE. For creators on YouTube, copyright claims can be a frustrating experience, particularly when they come in on their mobile device. You can, fortunately, take action to resolve a copyright dispute on YouTube mobile. What you must do is as follows:

Review the Copyright Claim

How to fix copyright claim on YouTube MOBILE. Reviewing the copyright claim and comprehending its justification is the first move. This will assist you in determining the steps necessary to fix the problem.

Determine if the Claim is Valid

After reviewing the copyright claim, you must decide whether it is legitimate or not. You can contest the claim if you think it is false by adhering to YouTube’s instructions.

Remove the Content

The next stage is to remove the material from your YouTube channel if you think the claim is true. This might entail removing the movie or swapping out the illegal content for legal content.

Wait for the Claim to Expire

You can just wait for the claim to expire if you don’t want to delete the material or contest the claim. On YouTube, copyright claims typically disappear after 90 days, at which time you are free to upload the video again without violating anyone’s copyright.

Use Royalty-Free Content

Think about using royalty-free material in your videos to prevent upcoming copyright claims. This can apply to freely usable audio, visuals, and video content.

Consider Partnering with a Network

Copyright protection services are provided by YouTube networks like Fullscreen and Maker Studios to their clients. A network may be able to assist you in resolving copyright problems if you are a member.

Consult with a Lawyer

It might be beneficial to seek legal advice from a copyright specialist if you have an especially complicated copyright issue. They can offer you legal counsel on how to manage the circumstance.


In conclusion, take a deep breath and carefully assess the circumstance if you receive a copyright claim on YouTube mobile. You can fix the problem and continue producing content on the platform without running afoul of the law by taking the actions described above.



Q: How do I halt a YouTube copyright claim?

A: The easiest way to avoid copyright claims on YouTube is to use music that isn’t protected by copyright and that you know you have permission to use as the soundtrack to your content. The finest free music for YouTube can be downloaded by visiting Uppbeat, a free music platform for creators. You won’t receive any copyright claims, and it’s secure and free!

Q: Do I need to remove this copyright claim video?

A: Copyright. When a video has a copyright claim or copyright strike against it, removing the video will not remove the claim or strike. If so, set the video to private or unlisted status so you can respond to the allegation (or remove it) if it is unfounded.

Q: Does the use of copyright influence views?

A: A Content ID or copyright claim only has an impact on the specific video; it has no detrimental effects on your channel as a whole. If you used someone else’s creative work without their consent in your content, they might be able to collect any money you make from your film.

Q: How long does it take YouTube to delete a copyright claim?

A: A takedown request for the content can be scheduled if a copyright owner discovers their copyright-protected work uploaded on YouTube without their permission. YouTube provides the uploader 7 days to remove the video after the request is approved in order to avoid a copyright strike. The footage is deleted after 7 days if they don’t.



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