How to hide subscribers on YouTube

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Ways to conceal your YouTube subscribers. The process for beginning a new YouTube channel is easy and requires only a few straightforward steps. Customize, upload and expand your audience by creating a new channel following the mentioned guidelines.

Pros of Hiding Subscribers on YouTube:

The establishment of this may lead to a more hospitable ambiance towards individuals who are new viewers.

The quantity of current subscribers could potentially prevent viewers from becoming subscribers themselves through intimidation. Joining an existing group is likely to make new visitors subscribe. To appear more friendly to users, you can obscure the subscriber count.

2 : It might help viewers pay attention to the material.

Viewers are more likely to concentrate on the material itself rather than the subscriber count when the subscriber count is obscured. For artists who want their fans to watch their films more deeply rather than just subscribe for the sake of it, this may be a good thing.

3 : It might ease the strain on artists.

When creators’ subscriber numbers are publicly publicised, they could feel under a lot of pressure to keep expanding their following. Creators can concentrate more on producing high-quality content without worrying about subscription numbers by masking the subscriber count.

Cons of Hiding Subscribers on YouTube:

1 : Credibility and social proof may decline as a result.

For some viewers, seeing a large number of subscribers is evidence of authority and social proof. If they notice that others have already subscribed, they could be more inclined to do so as well. The social proof and legitimacy of your channel may be diminished if the subscriber count is hidden, which could make it more difficult to expand your following.

2 : It might make it more challenging to gauge success.

One of the most important measures used by creators to gauge the performance of their channel is the number of subscribers. It may be more difficult to monitor growth and advancement over time if the subscription count is hidden.

3 : Long-term effectiveness might not be guaranteed.

In the short term, obscuring the subscriber numbers might make the channel feel more welcome to new viewers, but it might not have the desired effect over time. Viewers will eventually want to know how many subscribers you have, and if you are hiding the number, it can cause them to wonder why.

How to Hide Subscribers on YouTube:

There are a few different techniques you can employ if you determine that concealing your YouTube subscribers is the best option for you.

1 : Utilise the built-in YouTube feature:

You can use a built-in tool on YouTube to hide your subscriber count. To begin, go to your YouTube Studio dashboard and click Settings. Choose Channel after choosing Advanced options. Under “Subscriber count,” click “Hide the number of subscribers to my channel.” By saving your changes, you can hide your subscription count.

2 : Use a Third-party Plugin:

To hide your subscriber count, you can utilise a number of third-party plugins. One well-liked choice is TubeBuddy, which gives YouTube creators access to a number of options, including the capacity to conceal your subscriber figure.

3: Edit Your Channel Banner:

You can also change your channel banner to make the subscriber count invisible. You can accomplish this by either designing a banner without the subscription count at all or by developing a banner graphic that hides the subscriber count.


It can be debatable whether or not to hide subscribers on YouTube, but in the end, each creator must determine what is best for their channel. Both displaying and suppressing your subscriber count have advantages and disadvantages, thus it’s crucial to take into account your individual objectives and preferences before choosing.



Q: Why can’t we hide YouTube subscribers?

A: numbers to make them clear Here it states that YouTube understands that some creators choose to conceal their growing subscriber lists. but in the end, the business. concluded that reducing the number of impersonators is more important. Therefore, YouTube is attempting to become a safer place for creators.

Q: Is displaying or hiding subscribers preferable?

A: When you’re first starting out and have a low subscriber count, hiding the number may help you expand. It is preferable to display your subscriber number if you have a larger audience because it sends a signal of credibility to potential viewers.



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