How to recover snapchat streak

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How to recover snapchat streak. Snapchat streaks have grown in popularity among users, offering as a fun method to keep constant connection with friends while also demonstrating devotion. However, streaks can be lost accidentally for a variety of reasons, including technical faults or user mistake. In this post, we will look at how to recover Snapchat streaks and preserve their continuation. So let’s get started and learn how to restore your important Snapchat streaks!

I. Understanding Snapchat Streaks:

Snapchat streaks are the number of days when two Snapchat users communicate on consecutive days. To keep the streak going, two users must trade at least one snap each day. Streaks are denoted by an emoji next to the contact’s name, as well as a number showing the duration of the streak. Losing a streak might be disheartening, but there are methods to get it back. What you can do is as follows:

II. Quick Troubleshooting Steps:

1: Examine Your Internet Connection:

To send and receive snaps, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. If necessary, change networks or connect to Wi-Fi.
Relaunch the Snapchat App:

2: Close and reopen the app

This straightforward technique frequently eliminates small issues that may be harming streaks.

3: Check the Snapchat version:

Check the app store on your device for updates to ensure you are using the most recent version of Snapchat. Versions that are out of date may create problems.

III. Contact Snapchat Support:

1: Visit the Snapchat Help Website:

Navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Support” area of the official Snapchat support website.

2: Send a Request:

Fill out the help form with the relevant details, outlining your problem and the lost streak. Include pertinent information such as the username(s) involved, the length of the streak, and when it was broken. Explain in a nice and succinct manner.

3: Provide Proof:

Attach any evidence of the streak to your support request, such as preserved chat conversations or screenshots. These can aid in the verification of your claim.

4: Following up:

Snapchat Customer Service normally answers through email. If you haven’t heard back within a fair amount of time, try sending a follow-up message to enquire on the status.

IV. Prevention and Maintenance:

1: Understand Snapchat Policies:

To avoid unintended infractions, familiarise yourself with Snapchat’s streak standards. Following the guidelines will help you keep your streaks uninterrupted.

2: Create Reminders:

Set reminders like as alarms or alerts to remind yourself to send a photo every day. This will help you maintain consistency and reduce the likelihood of losing a streak.

3: Interact with Your Streak Partner:

Maintain constant contact with your streak partner. If you won’t be able to send a snap on a specific day, let them know ahead of time to minimise confusion.

4: Make the most of Snapstreaks’ features:

Use Snapstreaks features like the hourglass emoji, which shows when a streak is about to expire. This provides as a visual reminder to send a snap as soon as possible.


Snapchat streaks provide a fun and connected feature to the app, but they might be lost due to technological faults or human mistake. You have a better chance of regaining deleted Snapchat streaks if you follow the procedures indicated in this tutorial. Remember to troubleshoot, contact Snapchat Support if required, and take precautions to keep your streaks going. Have fun photographing!



Q: What is the cost of restoring a Snapstreak?

A: And, as Snap points out, you’ll be able to recover a chat for free once. But it will cost you more than that. After you’ve used up your free restoration, you’ll be able to purchase extra restores for 99 cents apiece, giving Snap another method to generate income.

Q: What is the record for the longest Snapchat streak?

A: Hannah and Lauren Luckey hold the world record Snapchat streak, having kept it going from the feature’s inception on April 6, 2015. They have 2794+ snap chat streaks as of December 2022.

Q: How long did your Snapstreak last before expiring?

A: If your snap streak with your friend is about to expire, you will find an icon ⌛️ appearing next to your friend’s name. This usually happens when there are only four hours left for your streak to end.



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