How to restore chrome tabs

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Losing your open tabs in Google Chrome can be frustrating. Especially when you had important research, projects, or articles ready to read. Thankfully, Chrome provides multiple ways to recover your lost tabs, ensuring you don’t lose your valuable browsing sessions. In this guide, we’ll walk you through various methods to restore Chrome tabs and get back to where you left off.

Using the Recently Closed Tabs Menu

  1. Access the Menu: If you’ve accidentally closed a tab or a window. Right-click on an open tab in Chrome to open the context menu. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + T (or Cmd + Shift + T on Mac) to reopen the most recently closed tab.
  2. Restore Tabs: In the context menu, you’ll see a list of recently closed tabs. Click on the tab you want to reopen, and Chrome will restore it with its browsing history intact.

Usethe History Menu

  1. Access History: Click on the three dots at the top-right corner of Chrome to open the menu. Hover over “History,” and a submenu will appear.
  2. Reopen Closed Tabs: From the submenu, click on “Recently closed” to see a list of recently closed tabs and windows. Click on the one you want to restore.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Reopen the Last Closed Tab: Press Ctrl + Shift + T (Cmd + Shift + T on Mac) to instantly reopen the most recently closed tab.
  2. Reopen Specific Tabs: Press Ctrl + Shift + N (Cmd + Shift + N on Mac) to open the most recently closed window, restoring all the tabs you had open in that window.

Using the Sync Feature

  1. Sign In to Chrome: If you’re signed in to your Google account in Chrome, your browsing history and open tabs are synced across devices.
  2. Reopen Tabs on Another Device: If you accidentally close Chrome on one device, open it on another device where you’re signed in. Click on the “Other devices” option in the History menu to see a list of tabs open on your other devices. Click on the tab you want to restore.


  1. Install a Tab Management Extension: There are various extensions available on the Chrome Web Store that help you manage and restore tabs. Examples include “Session Buddy” and “One Tab.”
  2. Use the Extension: Once installed, these extensions offer more advanced tab management features, allowing you to save and restore entire sessions or groups of tabs.

Use the Search History Feature

  1. Type in the Address Bar: Begin typing a keyword or the website address in the Chrome address bar.
  2. Search History: Chrome will display matching results from your browsing history, including closed tabs. Click on the result to reopen the corresponding tab.


Losing your open tabs in Chrome doesn’t have to be a disaster. With these methods, you can easily restore your closed tabs and get back to your important tasks without missing a beat. Whether you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, accessing the history menu, or relying on extensions, Chrome offers various options to ensure that your browsing sessions remain uninterrupted.



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