How to save YouTube video

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saving YouTube videos directly goes against YouTube’s terms of service, as it violates their copyright and content distribution policies. YouTube provides an option for content creators to share their videos publicly, but downloading or saving videos without proper authorization is generally considered a breach of those terms.

However, if you want to save YouTube videos for personal use or offline viewing where the content creator has given permission (such as through the YouTube Premium subscription service), there are a few legitimate methods you can consider:

YouTube Premium:

With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can download videos for offline viewing on your mobile devices. This is a legitimate way to save videos as you’re paying for the service.

YouTube Offline Feature:

YouTube’s mobile app provides an option to save videos for offline viewing within the app itself. This feature is available for YouTube Premium subscribers. Look for the “Download” button under the video details.

Third-Party Apps and Websites:

There are third-party apps and websites that claim to allow downloading YouTube videos. Be cautious with these, as they may be in violation of YouTube’s terms and could potentially contain malware. Additionally, using these methods might result in poor video quality or incomplete downloads.

YouTube Downloader Software (for personal content):

Some software applications claim to let you download YouTube videos. If you’re considering this route, be extremely cautious about the legality and safety of such tools. They may lead to copyright infringement or security risks.

Screen Recording:

You can record your screen while playing the YouTube video. This is not a recommended method due to potential loss in video and audio quality, but it can be a workaround in some cases.

Remember that respecting content creators’ rights and adhering to YouTube’s terms of service is essential. If you want to use YouTube videos for any purpose other than personal offline viewing or the explicit permission of the content creator, it’s recommended to reach out to the content creator for proper authorization.



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