How to see dislikes on YouTube

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It can be useful to look into dislikes on YouTube to see how people are responding to a certain video. However, it’s important to note that YouTube recently implemented a change that makes it more challenging to see the precise number of dislikes on a video. This change obscures the total dislikes. Nevertheless, there are still ways to determine the quantity of disapprovals a video has received, some of which are described in this article.

Method 1: Use the YouTube Studio Dashboard

Utilising the YouTube Studio dashboard is the first way to view dislikes on YouTube. The dashboard gives producers access to a wealth of data about their movies, including the quantity of views and likes. Observe these instructions to reach the YouTube Studio dashboard:

Step1: Click on your profile image in the top right corner of YouTube after signing in.

Step2: From the drop-down option, choose “YouTube Studio”.

Step3: Choose “Videos” from the menu on the left after entering the YouTube Studio.

Step4: Locate the video and click on it to view the dislikes for that particular one.

Step5: By navigating to the “Engagement” section and scrolling down, you can see how many people have liked and disapproved a certain video.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Tool

Another way to view dislikes on YouTube is by using a third-party programme. To find out how many people have liked and disapproved of a certain YouTube video, there are several online tools available. Frequently used tools include SocialBlade, VidIQ, and TubeBuddy. To utilise these tools, adhere to these guidelines:

Step1: Go to the tool’s website and sign up.

Step2: Enter the URL of the video whose dislikes you want to verify.

Step3: The feature allows you to learn how many people have approved and disapproved of a certain video.

Method 3: Use the Browser’s Developer Tools

Utilising the developer tools in your browser is the third way to view YouTube dislikes. This approach is a little more complex and necessitates familiarity with HTML and CSS. Use this technique by doing the following:

Step1: Click on the page with the dislikes for the video you wish to check by going there.

Step2: From the option that displays, choose “Inspect”. The developer tools for the browser will then be opened.

Step3: In the developer tools, select the “Network” tab.

Step4: Update the page.

Step5: In the list of files that appears, search for a file with the name “player”. This file ought to be filled with a lot of letters and digits.

Step6: Look for the word “dislike” in the code by clicking on the “player” file.

Step7: There should be a number after the word “dislike”. This number shows how many people disapproved of the video.


In conclusion, despite YouTube suppressing the overall amount of dislikes, there are still ways to view them. You may see the number of dislikes for any YouTube video using the YouTube Studio dashboard, a third-party tool, or the developer tools in your browser. Keep in mind that interaction and viewer feedback can be more helpful in enhancing content quality than dislikes when determining a video’s success.



Q: Is it possible to view dislikes on the YouTube app?

A: A different YouTube app called NewPipe is available for mobile phone users to check YouTube dislikes. A feature-rich, free YouTube client for Android is called NewPipe. The creators of the Return YouTube Dislike addon created their own version of NewPipe to track the statistics.

Q: Are dislikes still visible to YouTubers?

A: Although you can still unlike videos, it is no longer possible to see how many people have done so. According to YouTube, it sought to lessen “dislike attacking behaviour” in which users would repeatedly click the dislike button to increase the number. YouTube To stop “attacks” on the dislike count, YouTube claims to have hidden the number.

Q: Why was YouTube dislikes removed?

A: This is considerably different from the co-founder of YouTube’s opinion of the choice, which is that it was a mistake. Wojcicki reiterates a lot of what previous YouTube spokespeople have said, claiming that dislikes were eliminated because they occasionally represented viewers’ opinions on the channel rather than the actual video.



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