How to Unstick a PS5 Disc

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You don’t want a stuck CD changing your $100 investment in a disc-based PS5 into an expensive digital model. However, when tragedy hits, like when a child accidentally inserts a mini CD into your PlayStation, it’s not always clear how to remove the disc. Fortunately, there are a few ways to remove this impediment and restore the disc drive space on your PS5. Just so happens that one is simpler than the other .How to Unstick a PS5 Disc.

Similar approaches to fixing a PS4 that won’t read discs have already been discussed. They may involve trying up to five different solutions before finding the one that works. Fortunately, a straightforward stuck disc only needs a little troubleshooting: The disc drive is the problem, and when something gets caught, it’s actually rather simple to manually expel a blockage from the drive. Sony built a kind of shortcut into the drive to aid with disc unsticking, but it is not a foolproof fix. If that doesn’t work, you can try a somewhat more challenging technique that requires you to actually open the disc drive.

How to “easily” unstick a disc on your PS5

If you can, you should start with this approach. It takes less time and is less complicated. You must first completely unplug your PS5 from power, as shown in this fantastic What Happens When video. Avoid working on your PS5 while it is plugged in. If you haven’t previously, remove the bottom plate next, after which you may swiftly remove the bottom casing. Now all you have to do to physically push. Whatever is inside the disc drive out is turn the screw that is wrapped in a black sticker clockwise with a screwdriver.

How to unstick a PS5 disc the “hard” way.

The more complicated route is far more involved but is more likely to solve the issue for everyone. The eight and a half minute guide provided by CD247 Repair Centre starts off similarly to the simple approach. But requires you to disassemble the PS5’s inner casing piece by piece rather than manually moving the disc with the screwdriver. Because you must break the security seal within your PlayStation, this approach voids your warranty. Stop here and have your PS5 professionally repaired if you want to maintain your warranty.

Let’s assume, though, that you desire to proceed. Keep track of where the screws go as you proceed and remove more components. Keep comparable screws—such as those for the fan—apart from other screws and group them together. This procedure can be straightforward. If tedious, but if you mix up the different screws, it could become a serious problem.

The disc drive should be completely removed at this point. Naturally, as you open it up and remove numerous screws, you’ll also need to unplug two wires from the board. After that, carefully lift the cover that is still attached and unscrew the last piece that is preventing you from reaching your trapped disc.

You may take out the disc from here, then go back and reopen everything. However, CD247 advises you to make sure the PS5’s CD rollers—the device that slides CDs in and out—can bounce freely. Make sure everything within this case is clean and dust-free by giving them a quick WD40 wipe as well. Just be careful around the laser reader since it won’t be able to read your discs if it is damaged.

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