How to use hashtags on YouTube?

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Using hashtags to categorise material and increase its discoverability on YouTube is a good strategy. Viewers who click on a hashtag are taken to a website that lists all of the videos that contain that specific hashtag. This can be a really effective technique to increase the audience for your material and attract new viewers. We’ll go over using hashtags on YouTube in this article and give you some advice and best practises.

What are hashtags on YouTube?

On YouTube, hashtags can be used to group videos into categories and increase their discoverability. The pound sign (#) is used to construct them before words or phrases in a video’s title or description. Viewers are taken to a page that lists all of the videos that contain the hashtag when they click on one. On the desktop and mobile versions of YouTube, hashtags are supported.

How to use hashtags on YouTube

1: Choose relevant hashtags

Choosing pertinent hashtags that appropriately represent the content of your video is the first step in using them on YouTube. Choose carefully because you can use up to 15 hashtags per video. When creating your hashtags, consider the terms that people might use to find your material.

2 : Add hashtags to your title and description

Once you’ve selected your hashtags, you may incorporate them into the title and description of your video. To avoid coming across as spam, make sure to include them in a way that makes sense. For instance, you might include them near the conclusion of your description, following a phrase that offers a synopsis of the information in your movie.

3: Don’t overdo it

Although you are allowed to use up to 15 hashtags each video, moderation is key. Using too many hashtags in your video can make it appear spammy and turn off visitors. Use hashtags sparingly and only when necessary.

4: Use branded hashtags

Consider making a branded hashtag if you have a channel name or brand. This can both make it easier for visitors to find all of your content in one location and help you monitor the success of your films. Branded hashtags ought to be distinctive, memorable, and align with your company’s ethos.

5: Monitor your hashtags

Once you’ve included hashtags in your films, it’s crucial to keep an eye on how they’re performing. To do this, use YouTube statistics to see how many views, likes, and comments each hashtag is generating for your videos. You may use this to improve your hashtag strategy and select the best hashtags for your content.

Best practices for using hashtags on YouTube

1: Use popular hashtags

Using well-liked hashtags can aid in the discovery of new viewers for your films. By searching YouTube or browsing other popular videos in your niche, you can locate trending hashtags.

2: Use niche-specific hashtags

It’s crucial to utilise niche-specific hashtags that appropriately describe your material in addition to well-known hashtags. This will enable you to connect with viewers who are particularly interested in your subject or market.

3: Be consistent

When it comes to using , consistency is crucial. Use consistent hashtags that represent your brand and the topic of your films across all of them.

4: Test and refine

Don’t be scared to experiment with various hashtags and hone your plan over time. Keep track of the hashtags that are generating the most views, likes, and comments, and change your strategy as necessary.

5: Be authentic

Finally, while utilising hashtags on YouTube, it’s critical to be genuine. Use hashtags that are appropriate for your material, and avoid abusing the system by using inappropriate hashtags to increase your post’s visibility. Instead, concentrate on producing high-quality content that is pertinent to and valuable to your audience.



Q: Do hashtags generate YouTube views?

A: Your video view counts will probably rise if you’re using pertinent YouTube hashtags and your video shows up in search results; hopefully, this will lead to an increase in your subscriber base.

Q: What hashtags are effective on YouTube?

A: The hashtags #youtubeislife, #subscriber, #youtubeguru, #youtubecontent, #newvideo, #subscribers, #youtubevideo, #youtub, #youtuber, and #youtubevideos are among the most used on YouTube. To increase the number of views on your posts on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, use these hashtags.

Q: Should I use short hashtags on YouTube?

A: Include the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description of your YouTube Shorts video. It appears that this step might be optional, although YouTube suggests it. Therefore, employing the hashtag is the safest way to guarantee that your movie is adequately optimised.



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