It’s okay to position your PS5 vertically, in fact

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It’s okay to position your PS5 vertically, in fact. Companies that make video games have offered gamers a choice in console positioning for many years. You can choose to arrange the PS2, Wii, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, and more either horizontally or vertically, and some even come with a stand. This tendency is continued by the PS5, and Sony invites you to position it anywhere you like. That didn’t stop numerous online myths from spreading that keeping your PS5 upright might harm it. To be honest, that is nonsense.

The allegation began six days ago when gaming website Wololo. Net claimed the PS5 had a hardware defect that may allow “liquid metal thermal paste” to flow into other parts of the device when played upright. Wololo quoted a number of different repairmen who claimed to have observed problems arise. When consumers brought their machines in for service. The website even claimed that consoles that hadn’t even been taken out of the box were affected.

The topic gained popularity and was covered by numerous other gaming publications. Since Sony frequently depicts the console in the upright position in their marketing. Many customers are likely to put it up that way if the problem is real. If so, that would obviously be bad news. Furthermore, given that the console is always upright in the box, it appears to be the kind of issue that could force Sony into a recall.


Well, Wololo just made headlines once more, but not in a good way. It turns out that they misquoted TheCod3r, one of their sources, in the initial report. Wololo believed TheCod3r had stated that the problem only affected PS5 systems that were “unopened,” or still sealed in their boxes. However, the technician actually meant that they were noticing the problem on devices that had never been opened for repair.

Wololo has made the correction public, outlining the problems in a succinct Twitter thread. In order for any future readers to comprehend the issue. They have also corrected and clarified the inaccurate information in the original article. Although the website has come under fire for the error. It’s crucial to note that they are standing by their first assertion: They continue to think it is dangerous to hold the PS5 vertically based on their sources. Even if they didn’t mean it while the console was still in its box, TheCod3r also agrees. But continue reading.

Your PS5 can remain vertical.

The issue is that there isn’t nearly enough data to say that this is a widespread issue with PS5s utilised in an upright position. Over the course of the console’s two-year run, Sony has now sold over 30 million units. Contrary to Joy-Con drift, which seems to impact the majority of Switch users occasionally, reports of liquid metal leaks in vertically oriented PS5s are scarce. While these allegations appear to be accurate, there might be additional factors at play, such as troops that have sustained damage elsewhere, which would place the blame on a specific unit rather than a general design problem.

In conclusion it seems safe to keep positioning the PS5 anywhere you choose given the fact that so many PS5 users around the world haven’t voiced complaints about this issue. The item is large, so place it anywhere and however it will fit. Personally, I can’t maintain it vertical because of space constraints, thus I’m on team horizontal. But go for it if your setup requires a vertical PS5 or if you simply prefer it that way. It’ll be alright.


Can the PS5 be vertically positioned?

The issue is that there isn’t nearly enough data to say that this is a widespread issue with PS5s utilised in an upright position. Over the course of the console’s two-year run, Sony has now sold over 30 million units.

Does it matter whether the PS5 is horizontal or vertical?

There are a few caveats to the official information that the PS5 can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. The PlayStation team specifically advises that you securely fasten the stand that comes with the PS5 to your console before placing it either vertically or horizontally.

Which is preferable, having PS5 up or down?

According to Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of mechanical design at Sony, “the PS5’s cooling performance is the same whether it is installed vertically or horizontally.” No, the place you put it affects the object.

Can I flip my PlayStation 5 over?

Owners of the PlayStation 5 may turn the console on its side by removing and repositioning the stand. To lay the console on its side, turn the circular portion of the stand until it snaps into place as shown in the illustration above. They should then turn to the PlayStation 5 console’s back from there.


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