Joy-Con (L)/(R) – Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow

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Presenting the Joy-Con:

Joy-Con (L)/(R) – Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow. revolutionary controllers unlocking a realm of novel gaming experiences, tailored for employment with the Nintendo Switch.

The adaptable Joy-Con ushers in a plethora of exhilarating avenues for gamers to revel in. Seamlessly, two Joy-Con can be wielded autonomously – one in each hand – or conjoined to form a singular game controller when affixed to the Joy-Con grip. Additionally, they seamlessly sync with the primary console, catering to handheld gameplay, or they can be shared among companions for captivating dual-player engagement in compatible games.

Joy-Con (L)/(R) – Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow

set of buttons

Every Joy-Con boasts a complete set of buttons and can function as a standalone controller. Empowered by an accelerometer and gyro sensor. This cutting-edge technology bequeaths the capability of self-reliant manipulation for both left and right movements, further enriching the gameplay encounter.

innovative controllers that unlock new gaming experiences on the Nintendo Switch. The versatile Joy-Con offers various ways to have fun. Either used individually in each hand or combined as a game controller with the Joy-Con grip. They seamlessly connect to the console for handheld mode or shared multiplayer action. Each Joy-Con functions as a complete controller with buttons, an accelerometer, and a gyro sensor, enabling independent control of left and right movements for a richer gameplay experience.



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