Pak vs Ind : latest weather updates

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Pak vs Ind : latest weather updates. Scheduled for September 2, 2023, may be hampered by rain, as heavy thunderstorms predicted for Saturday in Kandy. Here is the latest weather update of the IND vs PAK ODI and the latest rain forecast

IND vs PAK, 2nd September weather update

There could be disappointment in store with the website predicting 90% rain on the game day. AccuWeather also indicates 89% precipitation on Saturday, with a thick cloud cover throughout.

World Weather Online forecasts rain of 102.55 mm on Saturday. Making the wettest day in Kandy in the next ten days. The weather forecast till September 8 in the city is generally cloudy with light to moderate rainfall.

Rain is also forecast for Friday night and early Saturday morning, which could cause a delayed start to the big game. At 11 am local time, four hours before the start of play, there are expected to be heavy showers, with 34.6 mm of rainfall forecast. Continuous showers are predicted from 7 am local time till midnight, which could make any play and, subsequently, a result, impossible.

The temperatures during the game will hover between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.



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