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What is the TikTok Library?

The TikTok Library is a brand-spankin’ new tool designed to make it even easier for Creators like you to make engaging videos. It gives you access to clips from TV and movies, which you can use to seamlessly integrate into your videos. 

For the Library launch, TikTok partnered with Giphy to make GIFs available to Creators. A feature you might be familiar with from Instagram Stories. But the TikTok Library also includes a new feature, GIPHY Clips, which have sound.

The idea is that the Library will make it easier for people to start or participate in popular trends using clips from TV and movies. Reaction GIFs have been standard across social media for nearly a decade, but being able to add them to your TikToks (with sound!) gives Creators a lot more opportunities to innovate. 

In the past, if Creators wanted to include a clip from a movie or pop culture moment, they would have to find the video, download it, and use Green Screen to add it to their TikTok. Now, it’s all done within the app.

Like Duets and Stitch, it’s a way to build off existing content and truly make it your own. The best ideas come from collaboration, and now TikTok Library lets you draw from iconic moments in pop culture that we all recognise and relate to.

TikTok Ad Library Features

TikTok’s Ad Library offers several features to help users and advertisers gain insights into TikTok ad campaigns. Please note that TikTok’s features and offerings may have evolved since then, so I recommend checking TikTok’s official website or contacting their support for the most up-to-date information. Here are some of the features that were available in the TikTok Ad Library at that time:

Ad Search:

Users can search for active and past TikTok ads using various filters, such as ad account ID, advertiser name, region, and more. This allows users to find specific ads or browse through ad content.

Ad Creative Preview:

The Ad Library provides a preview of the ad creative, including the video or image content, caption, and other relevant details. This helps users understand the ad’s content and messaging.

Ad Engagement Metrics:

Users can view engagement metrics for ads, including the number of views, likes, comments, shares, and total engagement. This data can help advertisers gauge the performance of their ad campaigns.

Ad Spend Insights:

The library may display estimated ad spend ranges for each ad, providing an idea of the budget advertisers are allocating to their campaigns.

Date Range Selection:

Users can filter ads by date range to view ads that were active during specific periods.

Advertiser Information:

The library typically includes information about the advertiser, such as their name and ad account ID. This can be useful for identifying brands or advertisers running specific campaigns.

Region and Placement Filters:

Users can filter ads by region and ad placement (e.g., in-feed ads, branded effects) to narrow down their search.

Transparency and Accountability:

The Ad Library is intended to promote transparency in advertising and allow users to see what ads are running on TikTok. It also helps ensure that ads on the platform comply with TikTok’s policies and guidelines.

Report a Concern:

Users can report ads that they believe violate TikTok’s advertising policies directly from the Ad Library.

Please keep in mind that TikTok’s features and policies may have changed or expanded since my last update. For the most current information on TikTok’s Ad Library and its features, I recommend visiting TikTok’s official advertising resources or contacting their support team.

How can I access TikTok Ad Library?

You can access TikTok Ad Library by visiting the TikTok Ads website and clicking on the “Ad Library” option in the menu. It is accessible to the public and does not require a TikTok account.

What information does TikTok Ad Library provide about ads?

TikTok Ad Library provides information such as the advertiser’s name, campaign objective, ad creative (images and videos), and the ad’s estimated impressions, spend, and start/end dates. It also allows you to filter and search for specific ads.

Can I search for ads by keyword or advertiser name in TikTok Ad Library?

Yes, you can search for ads by keywords, advertiser names, or even specific ad creative details. The search function helps you find ads related to your interests or campaigns of interest.

Is TikTok Ad Library limited to political ads only?

No, TikTok Ad Library initially focused on political ads but has expanded to include information about other types of ads as well. You can find data on a wide range of advertising campaigns, including those from businesses and organizations.

Can I see historical data of past ad campaigns in TikTok Ad Library?

Yes, TikTok Ad Library provides historical data, allowing you to see past ad campaigns. You can access information about previous campaigns to analyze trends and strategies.



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