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TikTok ads. In 2018, TikTok, a short-form video app boasting over 800 million monthly active users, embarked on the beta launch of its advertising platform. This app, which ranks as the sixth most popular globally on both iOS and Android platforms and operates in over 150 countries, has emerged as the go-to source of entertainment for millennials and Gen-Zers alike. Its soaring popularity has drawn the attention of major brands eager to leverage its potential for advertising. Notably, TikTok has not only eclipsed the popularity of platforms like Twitter and Snapchat but also offers a less saturated advertising environment, making it an opportune moment to dive into the TikTok marketing sphere.

Since the introduction of TikTok’s ad platform beta, prominent names such as Apple Music, Nike, Fenty Beauty, and GrubHub have rolled out visually captivating campaigns to showcase their products. Universal Pictures, for instance, orchestrated highly effective influencer-driven initiatives on TikTok to promote an upcoming film. They initiated a Hashtag Challenge, #FindYourMagic, and enlisted key influencers to create and share videos based on this theme.

Types of TikTok Ads:

TikTok offers several options on its platform for advertisers to choose from:

In-Feed Video:

In-feed advertisements are seamlessly integrated native ads that are positioned either at the base of authentic TikTok videos or within the user’s feed, seamlessly blending with the video queue based on the product type. These advertisements are also design to seamlessly redirect users to your website or application. On average, the minimum cost for a campaign using this format is $25,000.

Brand Takeover:

A brand takeover advertisement is prominently displayed the moment a user opens TikTok. This advertisement can then be link to an internal or external destination, which could be another TikTok video or an external website or application. Currently, only one advertiser per day can utilize this ad type, and it comes at a cost of £50,000.

Collaborative Hashtag Challenge:

Team up with TikTok’s marketing experts to craft an engaging sponsored hashtag challenge. This challenge encourages users to create and share content related to your brand on TikTok. Typically, these challenges run for a span of six days and come at a cost of $150,000.

Immersive Branded AR Content:

Elevate your brand’s presence with captivating augmented reality (AR) content that TikTok users can incorporate into their videos. This can include branded lenses, stickers, and a variety of 2D/3D/AR elements. The cost for these immersive experiences ranges from $80,000 to $120,000, depending on the intricacy of the lens design.

Tailored Influencer Collaboration:

Harness the influence of popular TikTok users in your niche by integrating your advertisement seamlessly into their sponsored content. The price of this advertising approach varies according to the chosen influencer, with estimates suggesting it could range from $600 to $1,000 per post.

TikTok AdsPrices
In-Feed Video> $25,000
Brand Takeover$ 50,000 per day
Hashtag Challenge$150,000 for 6 days
Branded Lenses$ 80,000 – $ 120,000
Customer Influence Package$ 600 – $ 1,000 per post

How To Start?

Now that you have a grasp of TikTok’s diverse advertising opportunities, let’s delve into the steps required to initiate your TikTok ad campaign. To commence your first advertising endeavor, navigate to the TikTok Ads homepage and locate the “Create an Ad” button. Keep in mind that TikTok Ads is currently in its beta phase, and the ad setup process is not entirely automated. Upon clicking the button, a form will appear, prompting you to furnish the necessary details to establish your account. Once you’ve submitted this information, a TikTok Ads representative will reach out to you to guide you through the setup process.

Please be aware that it may take up to 48 hours to gain access to your TikTok Ads account. Nevertheless, once you do, the process of crafting your advertisements is relatively straightforward.

Begin the Creation Process

When it comes to TikTok advertising, you have the opportunity to structure your ad efforts through a three-tiered system: campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads.

process 1

At the pinnacle of TikTok’s advertising hierarchy is the “Campaign.” This stage establishes the core objective of your advertisement. You’ll have the choice of selecting from three options: Traffic, Conversions, or App Installs. Additionally, you’re required to allocate a budget for your campaign. You can opt for either a Daily Budget or a Total Budget. Both of which must be a minimum of $500, as specified in the Settings.

process 2

An exceptional feature offered by the TikTok Ads dashboard is the ability to handpick the precise platforms where you want your advertisements to run. These encompass not only TikTok itself but also its entire array of associated applications such as Vigo Video (available in India only), BuzzVideo, News Republic, and others.

Moreover there is an alternative for automatic ad placements. Wherein TikTok intelligently determines the optimal locations for your ad to yield the best performance and strategically positions it there. Once you’ve made your preferred placement selections. Follow the provided instructions to input all the essential information required to initiate your ad campaign. This includes pertinent URLs, display names, visuals, and categorization. You can also designate up to 20 keywords that describe your website or app, which will subsequently be utilized to align your products with the most suitable audience.

In the Targeting section, you can precisely define the audience you wish to target with your advertisements. This involves setting criteria for geographical location, age groups, gender, preferred languages, interests, devices, and more, ensuring that your ads resonate with the most relevant audience for your campaign.

process 3

After specifying your ad group, you will have to actually create a video ad for TikTok. When it comes to designing the creative assets for your ad, the process is fairly straightforward. TikTok ads can be horizontal, vertical, or square videos and images. The best thing about the ads platform is a tool called the Video Creation Kit, which provides video and image templates you customize using your existing images. It also comes with 300+ options for free background music.

Succesful TikTok Ads

To launch an effective TikTok advertising campaign, it’s crucial to understand the preferences of TikTok audiences. Here are examples of businesses that have successfully promoted their products, services, and apps on TikTok, offering valuable insights:

In India, Clean & Clear executed a Hashtag Challenge campaign to introduce a new limited-edition design aimed at teenagers. This strategic move resulted in an impressive outcome, generating a whopping 2.62 million user-generated videos and garnering over 10,400 new followers for their TikTok brand page.



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