WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD, External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 for PC & Mac, Plug and Play Ready

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 WD 2TB Elements Portable HDD, External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 for PC & Mac, Plug and Play Ready : STYLE

Portable HDDPattern: 

Hard Drive

Digital Storage Capacity2 TB
Hard Disk InterfaceUSB 2.0/3.0
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
BrandWestern Digital
Special FeaturePortable
Hard Disk Form Factor3.5 Inches
Hard Disk DescriptionMechanical Hard Disk
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Installation TypeExternal Hard Drive

Expand Your Storage:

Effortlessly store your collection of videos, music tracks, cherished photos, and essential files with ease. Experience convenience like never before as you enhance your storage capacity.

Optimal Temperature Range:

Designed to function seamlessly in varying environments, our portable hard drive thrives in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 35°C. Whether it’s a cool breeze or a warm climate, your data remains safe and accessible.

Swift Data Transfers:

Embrace the power of USB 3.0 for lightning-fast data transfers. Seamlessly move files at the highest speeds possible, and for compatibility, rest easy knowing that USB 2.0 connections are supported.

Revitalize Your PC:

Bid farewell to sluggish performance caused by a full internal hard drive. Don’t sacrifice your precious files; instead, restore your computer’s vitality by effortlessly transferring files to your WD Elements portable hard drive. Witness your laptop’s agility and efficiency rekindle.

Instant Setup:

Designed with simplicity in mind, our portable hard drive is ready for action the moment it’s plugged into your Windows PC. Eliminate the hassle of complex installations and start utilizing your expanded storage right away.

Unparalleled Capacity:

Within its sleek and compact design lies a powerhouse of storage. Enjoy the luxury of up to 5TB* of space, making WD Elements the ultimate companion for individuals on the move. Say goodbye to storage constraints and embrace a world of unlimited possibilities.

*Capacity may vary based on your specific needs and file sizes.



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