You might have faster internet on your PS5.

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Your wifi is fast, as you are aware. (You already pay your internet provider enough for it.) So why do games download on your PS5 so slowly? Why is there such a lot of lag when playing online? Why is PS Remote Play so difficult to use?

There are variations among wifi bands.

There are two bands of WiFi in your home: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Although slower, the 2.4GHz frequency offers a greater range. That means you won’t get the fastest internet connections, but you can still access it from different rooms. On the other hand, the 5GHz band is quicker and will get the closest to your promised speeds. Its lesser range means that the farther you are from your router, the more trouble you can have connecting to it.

In a nutshell, 2.4GHz is for range and 5GHz is for speed. Therefore, it only makes sense to use the 5GHz band to maximise your speeds for anything from game downloads to online play if your PS5 is close to your router.

You might be good to go if your router divides its bands into different connections (for example, Jake’s Network 2.4 vs. Jake’s Network 5.0) and you connect to the 5GHz option. You must verify that the PS5 is connecting to the 5GHz band yourself if your router only offers one network to connect to. Because that is the location of the lag problem.

How to make the PlayStation 5 use the faster 5GHz wifi band

It turns out that Sony doesn’t automatically connect your PS5 to your 5GHz band. It connects to whichever band the PS5 should connect to using an automated configuration. I didn’t realise that as a relatively new PS5 owner until I read this Reddit discussion that made the point. When I tried to see what band my PS5 was on, surprise! It was 2.4 GHz.

Sony most likely takes this action to prevent problems from users who keep their PlayStations too close to routers. Internet stability would suffer if the PS5’s default frequency was 5GHz but there was too much distance between the console and the network. Sony makes it simpler to connect to your wifi no matter where you are by setting it to 2.4GHz by default.

Although Sony doesn’t make it clear how to accomplish it, forcing your PS5 to connect to the 5GHz band is rather simple. Go to Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection after entering Settings. Hover your cursor over your current network, then select Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi Frequency Bands by pressing the Options button. You’re ready when you change the setting from “Automatic” to “5 GHz.”

You might have faster internet on your PS5.

Ethernet will always be faster than WiFi.

Even if your wifi network will have the highest speeds available on the 5GHz band, wifi is still wifi. Ethernet is still king since wireless internet will never provide the most dependable speeds or service. Connect your PS5 directly to your router with an ethernet connection if you want to make the most of your home internet speeds.


How can I make my PlayStation 5 internet connection faster?

Consider moving your console closer to your network to improve your internet signal if the PS5 speed test results are much slower than the room where your router is located. Using a wired connection is another approach to bolster your internet connection.

How can I speed up my PS5’s slow internet?

your router, reset. Internet speed problems are frequently resolved by restarting your router.
Wire the internet connection. Run an Ethernet cable from the back of your PlayStation 5 to the router’s Ethernet port.
Make sure you have a 5G connection.

Modify the DNS settings.

On a PS5, what should my DNS be?

We’ll show this by using Google’s Public DNS settings, which typically offer fast performance and are secure ( and (and free to use).

What does PS5’s NAT type 2 mean?

The connections you can establish from your console are determined by the NAT Type in the simplest form possible: Strict (3) can only connect to Open, while Moderate (2) can connect to both Open and Moderate. Open (1) can connect to everything.


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