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Are you trying to increase the number of views and subscribers on your gaming channel on YouTube? The banner that shows at the top of your profile page is an important component of your channel. We’ll talk about how to make a YouTube gaming banner in this article.

1: Choose the Right Dimensions

Verifying that it’s the right size is the initial stage in creating a banner for your YouTube gaming channel. The recommended banner measurements, which conform to YouTube’s standards, are 2560 × 1440 pixels. All screens, such as those on computers and mobile phones, will display your banner well at this size.

2: Use High-Quality Graphics

The first things channel visitors will take note of is your banner, hence making a great initial impact is crucial. Employ visually stunning graphics of exceptional quality to achieve this. You can create graphics by using design software such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop. Using stock photos or hiring a graphic designer are both alternatives to building a distinctive banner.

3: Branding is Key

Incorporate components that depict your channel in the banner since it presents a chance to market your brand. The identification of your channel could benefit from visual components like the logo or a tagline. Make sure to maintain consistency by using identical branding components across all of your social media profiles.

4: Keep it Simple

Just as crucial as making your banner visually appealing is maintaining simplicity. To avoid obscuring your message, refrain from including an excessive amount of text and visuals on your banner. Avoid complexity and prioritize clarity in the design to ensure effective communication of your business’s message.

5: Optimize for SEO

Despite being mainly focused on visuals, your banner must also have an optimization strategy for SEO. Including relevant tags and phrases in your banner’s content is crucial for your channel. Searching for material relevant to your YouTube channel could potentially enhance the visibility of its banner in the platform’s search results.

6: Call to Action

In addition, including a call-to-action (CTA) in your banner is crucial. By adding a call-to-action that prompts users to do something specific—like visit your website or subscribe—you can increase engagement. Including a CTA can help you increase engagement with your content and channel traffic.

7: Test and Refine

Test your generated banner on multiple gadgets and screen sizes to ensure its beauty remains intact while maintaining readability. To determine if there are any changes that you can make, think about soliciting feedback from your audience or other creators in your field. To appeal to your intended viewers, improving your work is essential.

8: Update Regularly

To maintain its relevance, you need to update your banner often. Ponder changing your banner to correspond with brand adjustments, for instance, a fresh logo or tagline. You can advertise fresh information or occasions by changing your banner as well.

9: Keep the File Size Small

Maintaining manageable file sizes is as vital as using high-quality graphics in creating an appealing banner. Even with slow internet connections, your banner will load swiftly. You can compress your banner using tools like Tiny PNG or JPEG mini to minimize its file size while maintaining its quality.

10: Be Creative

Feel free to explore innovative ideas while designing a banner for your YouTube gaming channel, even if there are guidelines to follow. Trying various color schemes, fonts, and artwork can help you create a standout banner. Ensure that the creation of your banner captures both the essence of you -your personality- and the image you want to project -your sense of style-, since this will represent well on behalf of the brand.


By following the previously mentioned tips, you can create a YouTube gaming banner that effectively communicates your company’s message and boosts views and subscribers. Be aware that your channel’s banner is among the initial elements viewers will come across, thus it should be significant.



Q:What size should a YouTube gaming banner be?

A: The perfect size for a YouTube gaming banner or channel art is 2560 × 1440 pixels. Furthermore, files larger than 6 MB cannot be uploaded.

Bear in mind that your banner picture can be cropped on different gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and television display panels. For superior outcomes, maintain your text and other crucial elements inside the protected zone of 1540 × 427 pixels when designing banners for YouTube.



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