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The official platform for managing channels, adding videos, seeing analytics, and interacting with viewers on YouTube is called YouTube Studio. It may be access using any web browser, including Google Chrome, because it is a desktop site. This post will go over the features, tools, and creator-focused advice of the YouTube Studio desktop site on Chrome in great detail.

Getting Started with YouTube Studio

Content producers must first log into their YouTube account in order to use YouTube Studio. By clicking on their profile image in the upper right corner of the screen and choosing “YouTube Studio” from the dropdown menu after logging in, creators can access the YouTube Studio dashboard.

The YouTube Studio dashboard is where creators can access all the tools and features they need to manage their channel. The dashboard is divided into several sections, including:

  1. Overview: The information in this section gives creators a fast overview of their channel’s activity, including views, viewing time, and subscription numbers.

2. Creators may watch and control all of their channel’s videos in this section. They can edit, delete, or add new videos in addition to sorting their videos by date, views, or performance.

3. Playlists are collections of videos united by a common theme or topic, and this area enables creators to arrange their videos into playlists.

4. Analytics: This part offers creators comprehensive information on the performance of their channel, including demographics, watch time, engagement, and revenue.

5. Creators can see and reply to comments viewers have made on their videos in this section.

6. To make their movies more accessible to a larger audience, artists can add and change closed captions and subtitles in this section.

7. Creators can access a library of high-quality, cost-free audio tracks and sound effects in this section to use in their videos.

8. In this section, creators can learn how to monetize their videos and make money through channel advertising.

9. Settings: In this section, creators can change the channel’s branding, notifications, and privacy settings.

Creating and Managing Videos on YouTube Studio

The main method of producing material for YouTube is making and posting videos. Creators have complete control over every aspect of their video material on YouTube Studio, including uploading, editing, and search engine optimisation. Here are some pointers for using YouTube Studio to make and edit videos:

  1. Videos can be upload to YouTube Studio by selecting “Upload Video” from the dropdown menu when the “Create” button is clicked in the top right corner of the dashboard. To make the movie more searchable, they can choose the video file from their computer and add a title, description, and tags.

2. Video editing tools are provided by YouTube Studio, which enables creators to cut, crop, and add effects to their films. By selecting the “Edit” button next to the video they wish to edit, creators can enter the video editor.

3. Video optimisation: Creators should provide their videos pertinent titles, descriptions, and tags in order to make them easier to find and watch. Additionally, they ought to employ unique end screens and thumbnails to entice viewers to watch more of their content.

4. Video publishing: When a video is complete, its makers can publish it to their channel by selecting the “Publish” button in the dashboard’s upper right corner. After that, they can decide whether to make the video public or private and choose its category.

Analyzing and Optimizing Performance on YouTube Studio

It’s imperative for creators to analyse and improve performance if they want to expand their audience and boost channel engagement. Creators may use the plethora of data and insights offered by YouTube Studio to assess their success and make informed decisions. Here are some pointers for reviewing and improving YouTube Studio performance:

  1. Detailed audience demographics, including age, gender, location, and interests, are made available to artists through YouTube Studio. In order to target new viewers that share similar traits and provide content that resonates with their audience, creators should leverage this data.

2. Watch time and retention are important indicators that determine how long and how engaged viewers are with a video. Creators should keep an eye on these statistics and use them to make their material as engaging as possible.

3. Engagement is the amount of likes, comments, and shares a video receives from viewers. By encouraging viewers to comment or share the video on social media, creators can increase interaction.

4. Earning money from videos is a major objective for many content creators. The complete revenue information provided by YouTube Studio includes ad revenue, channel memberships, and product sales. Targeting high-value audiences and producing content that appeals to marketers are two ways that creators can best position their work to generate the most cash.

5. SEO and video discovery: YouTube Studio offers comprehensive information on the search phrases, related videos, and outside sources that viewers use to find a creator’s videos. The data should be used by creators to improve the searchability of their video titles, descriptions, and tags.

Advanced Features and Tools on YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio includes a number of additional features and tools in addition to the essential ones that may be used by creators to improve their work and expand their audience. Here are a few of YouTube Studio’s most practical cutting-edge features and tools:

  1. Live streaming: YouTube Studio enables content producers to broadcast live video to their audience. Live streaming is an effective method for increasing viewer engagement and fostering in-person conversations.

2. Premieres: With Premieres, artists can post a video in advance and specify a precise time for it to go online. Premieres can increase viewers’ enthusiasm and anticipation while also increasing engagement.

3. Community tab: This function enables authors to communicate with their audience by sharing text, pictures, and polls. A wonderful method to interact with viewers and create a sense of community around a channel is through the Community tab.

4. YouTube Shorts: A recent addition to the platform, YouTube Shorts enables producers to produce short-form video content that can last up to 60 seconds. Shorts are a fantastic method to produce quick and interesting content that is suitable for viewing on mobile devices.

5. Mobile YouTube Studio app: This effective tool enables creators to manage their channels while on the go. All of YouTube Studio’s essential tools and services, including as analytics, comments, and video administration, are accessible through the app.


The YouTube Studio platform is crucial for content producers. Creators can control all part of their channel, including video production, optimisation, and performance evaluation, thanks to its robust features and tools. The additional features and tools available on YouTube Studio allow creators to improve their work and expand their audience. Explore all of YouTube Studio’s features and tools if you’re a YouTube content creator if you want to advance your channel.



Q. Why is YouTube Studio not opening in Chrome?

A. It’s possible that community content isn’t verified or current. Study more. If you think a setting or extension is the problem, try doing a quick browser reset. If it resolves the problem, add your extensions back one at a time so you can identify which extension was the root cause if the issue again.

Q. How can I get YouTube to launch in Chrome instead?

A. To access the Android Settings app, launch the Chrome OS Settings app and navigate to Apps > Google Play Store > Manage Android Preferences. Go to applications & notifications > Default applications > Opening links from there. Visit the YouTube app and decide not to launch it in the app, or enquire

Q. Can Chrome be used to block YouTube?

A. To prevent access to YouTube on your browser, use the “Block Site” Chrome extension. The network settings on your PC can also be modified.



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